Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Quite the get-ups!  They love playing train around the living room.  You will have to excuse the underwear clad little boy.   He was doing amazing until we all got sick, he is still going poop on the potty all the time and he asks to go potty at least half of the time on the potty.  So for 18 months old, that is not bad at all.  Since I have been sick too this has actually been quite a relief.  I selfishly would rather have him wait to potty train until this summer.

 Valentine's day was filled with a few errands and doctor's appointments... but we did have heart pizza for dinner with chocolate fondue for dessert.
Strawberries were her favorite!

The chocolate in general was his favorite!

You know he is REALLY sticky when the bowl stays on his head without being held.  We don't normally let him get this crazy with his dinner but hey, it was Valentine's day!

 Keaton enjoyed it too but he doesn't have as big of a sweet tooth as Tiana and Camden do.  We finally had to just cut them off!