Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day

We were all very excited to wake up this morning to lots of snow.  Last night as they were headed to bed they were amazed that it was "covering the grass!!!!"  So you can imagine their excitement to wake up and discover how much snow we had.  After breakfast we headed right out!
These two had a ball running around crazy, throwing snow at each other.

Camden on the other hand looked more like he was swimming than walking.  The snow was up to his little thighs so he couldn't walk.  He was pretty frustrated at the whole experience.

I finally put him in the car which was fine except he was not impressed that it was stuck.  "elp tuck, bbbbrrmm brm"  (help the car is stuck).  Here he was pushing with all his might to get it to move.

He finally decided that he would just pretend and told me "bu bye".

I told them to say Hi!  Got them mid-hi I guess!
We headed inside for some hot cocoa after about an hour.

 After lunch Keaton had to call Daddy.  The conversation went something like this:
Keaton:  Guess what Daddy we are eating yellow snow (giggle giggle).
(pause) No really, I promise.  You should try it (giggle giggle).
After dinner, if you eat good, you can have some too.  Trust me, it is actually really good!

Eating his "yellow snow". I had some flavoring from Italian sodas this summer and it works great on snow.  It made the kids' day!  They thought it was SO fun and have plans to do it again after dinner.  I did explain why we don't do this when we come across yellow snow outside of course!!
I tell Tiana to "look at Mommy" and this and the following photos are what I get!!!!!

What a goon!

Of course then I have to do a funny photo of both of the boys too!

This is the funny face Camden came up with!  He didn't like eating the snow so he got a cookie instead!

Keaton misses Camden being little enough to hold and cuddle with.  Lately he has been trying to get Camden to cuddle with him all the time.  Keaton has discovered that if he has Camden's blanket there is a chance that he will come over and lay on him just to get his blanket.  Today though Camden got his blanket out of his crib and went over and pushed Keaton over and then crawled up to lay down on him!  Of course he will be a cuddle bug on his own terms!


amydee said...

Trevor was pretty frustrated with the snow too. We didn't try eating it though--that sounds fun! Except maybe not yellow...:)