Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bundled up Broncos

We had a big busy day on Saturday.  We went to a COLD Bronco game and then rushed home to go leave again to go to our nephew Kason's second birthday party (forgot the camera for this one but it turned out great and the kids had a blast!).  We dressed in lots and lots of layers for the game so it really wasn't that bad.  We have our waterproof BSU coats and they are big enough that we could both put our down coats underneath!  The kids had fleece pants on as well as pj's under them.  They didn't get cold at all and had a blast.  Tiana and Camden both took their naps during the game!  I had to miss out of two of the games this year because of sick kids (and myself being sick) so no amount of cold was keeping us from the last game!  Nana found the kids these little Bronco hats that are just about the cutest thing EVER so we had to do a couple photos.  Kids weren't that happy about taking photos but oh well.

This is Keaton's NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THIS look!!!

This shows the hat a little better on Tiana!  Cute huh!?!?!  They LOVE them!