Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tonka Truck Rides

Giving rides in the Tonka Truck is the most popular thing to do around here these days.  Keaton used to give Tiana rides when she was little but they forgot about it for awhile.  Camden now LOVES it they each take turns though.  Keaton's favorite part is pushing people which works out well for Tiana and Camden.
Seems hard to get a photo these days without someone running in front of the camera.

Tiana gets a turn!
When the ride is over (time to be determined by the pusher) the rider gets dumped!

They ZOOM all around the house as fast as they can go!

Keaton getting a turn....

It lasted for a few short seconds before he got a taste of his own medicine and got dumped!  They both thought that was quite funny!