Monday, December 13, 2010

Evening Craft

Last night I sat down and made some fun paper snowflakes to hang up.  Keaton helped me for a couple minutes then got bored but Tiana helped me the entire time.  Now by help I mean that she had scraps that she stapled and cut and glued all by herself!  She had a blast.  It was so cute because every few minutes she would come over and put her little hands on both sides of my face and say "Good Job, I'm so proud a you"  then give me a BIG kiss!  I guess I must say that to the kids!!  Loved having some little Mommy Daughter craft time.  I got the idea from here.  I loved how simple that they were to make... although time consuming... and how good they look hanging up!  They would be really cute with some fun scrapbook paper but I just did it with what I had on hand.  They also would have been cute with glitter, however I couldn't find mine at the time... oh well... maybe next year.

On a side note:  Driving around last night Keaton was pointing out the Christmas lights.  Tiana declares, "Oh look!  Cricket Mites!!!!"  She picked up that she wasn't saying the right thing after we all laughed but it is cute what their little ears hear!
Also Camden is ALL about (bip) aka dip... ranch, ketchup, syrup (loves that) anything really!  He has to dip just about anything he is eating.  With each dip he says "bip, bip, bip".


AmyB said...

What a great idea! And funny about the dip...Damion used to love dip with everything. Now he can't stand it! Everything has a phase I guess...hope you're feeling better, by the way.