Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We headed down to Reno with my family.  We had a great little break from being cooped up in the house.  Tiana started running a fever last week and so our doctor just put her on high powered antibiotics to fight whatever infection she must have had from her Asthma.  It did the trick, she was doing much better within about 48 hours.  I started the week out with a sinus infection also so we spent the week recuperating!!!  We didn't take to many photos since we were pretty lazy most of the time.
Tiana all cute on Thanksgiving day!  She is so cute in her hats and she loves them.

Exploring outside all bundled up cute!  He played a little bit in the snow that was left over at my sister in law, Kyla's parents house.

Hanging out watching football with Uncle Derek.

Playing with Auntie Kyla's phone under Uncle Mark's supervision!

Uncle Ryan and Keaton take a quick second break from being goofy.

Auntie Kyla and Tiana made Rice Krispie Treats.

Camden had fun going up to everyone and showing them his all gone hand!  Then popping it back out of his sleeve.


Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Nora said...

Cute kiddos! You may have noticed that Nora has the same dress and a very similar hat in some of the pictures I took this fall. She also has a similar pair of boots! Hope you are feeling better!

amydee said...

I LOVE the sock monkey sweater! Did you make that too??!!