Thursday, December 9, 2010

Camden: 16 Months

After I took the kids' photos I did a few of Camden for 16 months.  He is just a goon right now.  He has switched from two naps to one for the most part... except today.  He asked this morning to go to sleep.  He came up and said "night nights, seepy"  he then asked for his "piwow, anky" (pillow and blanky)!  He is talking up a storm saying anything we ask him to say.  His new favorite word though right now is "mines".  He yells this quite loudly whenever someone has or takes what he wants and thinks is his!  When he runs (which is his favorite mode of transportation right now) he has a spring in his right foot.  He bounces along as fast as he can go.  The spring is also noticeable while he is "ancin" (dancing) or pretending to play football.  He has to keep up with his brother and sister every step of the way.  This week he figured out how to climb from the toy box onto the couch and also onto Keaton's bed.  Keaton has a captains bed which is really tall so we have a step stool for Keaton to use.   Camden has figured out how to use it and the bed rail to shimmy up onto the bed.  He even can get down.... albeit not real gracefully!  So our non-climber has finally figured out that climbing can actually be fun!

He kept asking for the "he-whoa" (hello).  So we did some shots with the cute little old red phone.

He kept saying "hewhoa, bubye" then hanging up and starting again!

Being goofy.  Singing and dancing for us!