Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Time

Cough Cough, Sneeze Sneeze, Groan!!  That is what we are hearing a lot of around here today as we are now ALL sick!  We are spending a lazy day hoping to recover.  Tiana is bouncing around with WAY too much energy from the Prednisone as well as her Albuterol!  YIKES!
Had to take a photo... Keaton BARELY fits under the overhang on our counter now.  Soon, very soon, he is going to cream his head on it as he cuts the corner!
Playing with "hats" while Keaton is at Preschool!

YAY for a new mask so that her nebulizer treatments are now hands free.  This is very very exciting when she has to have 6 treatments a day and this Mommy has three kids!
We had to miss the Bronco game again this week because of sickness so these two and Mommy decided to make the most of it.  We made cookies and popcorn and had juice while watching the game!
Being home today with nothing to do made me finish the last of the boys' shirts!  These are a reverse applique technique.

Camden's bear.

Cars of course, another boy thing!
I had some fun with Keaton's adding some shading after I was done.  After they are washed the fraying will get a bit more messy which I will like better.

Camden LOVED his shirt and wanted to put in on as soon as he saw it.  He was excited to see an "apane" (airplane) and a "bbbrrrrrmm brrrmm" (aka car!).