Monday, November 1, 2010

Our weekend

You know you have a VERY tired 4 year old when he gets up from his nap and while waiting for Mommy to change a load of laundry, falls asleep in the living room floor!  He had is 4 year old check up that day and those 5 shots wore him out!  He is 3 foot 5.75 inches which is 93rd percentile and almost 40 pounds with is 80th percentile.
I got my new computer in on Thursday!!!!  Yay!!  The box and packing provided lots of entertainment.  The box is now a "house" thanks to Daddy and a sharpie marker and is still being used!  These Tiana turned into her "tutus" and Camden just has to do everything that Tiana is doing right now!  They are best of friends for now!

We then went to a Halloween Party on Friday night for some of the kids' friends!  The kids had so much fun!

Stylin' Thing 2!

She LOVED her blue hair!!!

Keaton drew his very first person this last weekend!!!  He said it was Mommy!  He thought that it was SO funny that I had lots of legs and he couldn't make me happy, he thought I should be grumpy!  Hmmm not sure what that says about this poor Mommy but oh well, he thought it was funny!  He then had to give me three colors of hair and made it REALLY big!  I LOVE every little thing about it!

Saturday afternoon I started getting the flu bug that the kids had... needless to say Daddy took Keaton and Tiana to the Lake for a little break!

Love this little coy look!

They came home and we carved pumpkins!  Camden was in the middle of it the entire time!  He even helped me sort seeds out.  Tiana helped quite a bit too, she didn't mind that it was slimy.  Keaton on the other hand took ONE look at the inside and freaked out and left the room!  He didn't like the smell or even the look of it much less how it felt!!  So he watched a football game on the computer and kept us updated on what was happening (he is VERY accurate actually, he understands the game and can give you a play by play).  When it came to the actual carving we told Keaton he could come help which he was all excited to do until he stepped on a little bit of pumpkin guts.... he sat down screaming "ewww get it off get it off" (only on his sock mind you) and then went back to the game.  He had enough!

Camden had to help Mommy carve even.  He kept crawling in my lap saying "elp elp" (help).

All done!  Keaton did pick out the designs!

Sunday this Mommy was seriously sick.  I left the bed long enough to go to the couch... seriously.... all day!  I mustered up enough energy to walk to a couple houses with the kids that evening.  Camden loved trick-or-treating.  He ran up to the door said "tick teat" then "tank oo".  He would put his candy in his pumpkin (which he NEVER let go of) then would run up to us and show us what he got.... and on to the next house!!

 Keaton always led the way with Tiana close behind... that is unless there was anything scary about the house at ALL.  She then would have NOTHING to do with it.  At one point a house that was a couple houses down had some motion detector thing that went off and she ran down the sidewalk the other way crying and yelling "I'm going home, all done that's scary, I am going home".  We had to run and catch her or she would have!!
I am feeling better now thank goodness.  Still just taking it easy though.  I just hope that the bug I got was the same one that the kids already had!