Friday, November 19, 2010

Boutique Shoot

I have been working with Libby Loo's Boutique lately taking photos of her products for advertisement.  We got a new batch in this last week of hair accessories and a tutu and so we headed over to my studio with Tiana... my favorite adorable model... for a photo shoot.  These are fun low stress shoots for her because while I need specific photos she doesn't have to be looking at the camera in every one!  She was quite cooperative though with the promise of Halloween candy at the end of it!  Plus she was SO excited to get to keep the tutu! 
Poor girl has been fighting her Asthma again bad and we spend the afternoon at Quick Care.  We have an appointment with her doctor on Monday and then will get a referral to a pediatrician that specializes in Asthma treatment.  We did a little survey at the doctor today and if the scores is 19 or less basically the asthma is not being treated at home as well as it should be... we scored 10 so yeah we need HELP!  Poor little girl is miserable!  She coughed for 5 hours straight.... we are talking not more than literally about a minute without coughing!  We have her on prednisone now which seems to be helping a little bit which is good.  I just hope we can get some help for treating her at home.  We have strict doctor orders that if she gets bad again we have to be in the ER!  So let's cross our fingers that prednisone will get us through this one, she wouldn't do well with a hospital stay.