Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bruneau Sand Dunes

Tiana was doing enough better on Monday for us to head up to Bruneau Sand Dunes. Not sure why we haven't been there before since it isn't that far away. We will definitely be back again. The kids had so much fun playing.
Hiking up the smallest of the dunes. Tiana is waving at her Daddy!
Standing on the very top.
Tiana slowly making her way up with her bucket and of course, a flower!
I didn't know how Camden would do with the sand. I figured he would like it but was worried he would just eat it all day. I was wrong... he LOVED it and was too busy playing to worry about eating much of it.... that being said I am sure he ate more than his fair share when he put his shovel in his mouth or fell face first into it!
It was really quite steep considering the ages of our kids but it wasn't quite steep enough to get going on the sled.
After Daddy took Tiana down then pulled her back up one time he decided that there would be no more sledding!
Ooooooo! I was a bit worried about Camden with how steep it was but he did great.
Pretty steep for a little guy.
The only time that Jace (or any of the kids) didn't move! Hence the reason for lots of photos of Camden and not so many of the other kids!
Camden had the occasional face plant but didn't seem to mind. We would just turn him back around and up he would climb.

Lily found herself a nice little seat.


Standing on top.

While we were getting out our lunch Keaton got himself stuck in a tree!
After lunch we found a nice big open flat spot in between some dunes for the kids to play. It was perfect. We didn't have to always help Tiana up or worry about them falling. They ran and played for a few more hours.

Camden was go go go the entire time, squealing, jabbering and motoring around.
Daddy and Jeff made a tunnel in the sand and were helping the boys look at each other.

Camden spent a lot of time pushing around this truck going "bbbbbrrrmmm".
Daddy and Jeff made the tunnel big enough to crawl through.
Each of the kids had a turn then Jace and Keaton got to smash the tunnel together.
Then the Dad's made a sand castle. Which lasted all of a few minutes of course!
Attempting to walk. It was hard for him to do in the sand.
Daddy and Keaton racing.
With Camden taking up the rear. He seemed to think he was racing too. He crawled as fast as he could go giggling and squealing the entire time. It was adorable.
So excited when Daddy ran and got him!
More racing.
This little boy was SO dirty. I am STILL finding sand in his ears and nose..... 3 baths later!!!
My boys.
Mommy and a VERY tired little girl who took lots of coaxing and playing to get a photo!
Our little family.
We had such a good time, perfect weather, and worn out kids!