Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yikes, it's about time!

Well it is about time I try to catch this blog up on what we have been doing around here. Mainly the answer to that comes in the form of a three year old, a two year old and an almost one year old! We did have convention which takes lots of preparation and recovery! My sewing machine came out for another project and I still haven't gotten photos of it yet. Mainly I have been busy having fun doing some more of the freezer paper stencils. Here is the other shirt I made for my nephew's first birthday.

and the back:
Then for Father's Day I was able to surprise Daddy with these two shirts. Another reason for my not updating (every available minute that the kids were sleeping during the day was spent on these for a bit)
Close up:
And shirt number 2:

Camden got his big blanket in the mail from Grammy much to his delight!! HE LOVES IT. His little face was priceless when he opened it. He has had the little one like it for a while but has always tried to steal Sissy's big one. He was so excited to get his very own. It is funny to see him try to carry it around while he is walking!
And of course since he is walking everywhere now he has discovered the joy of pushing cars and carrying toys around... two of course... one for each hand!
Mmmmuah, big kisses. He makes the cutest little kissy lips when he is going in for a kiss. Then of course at the last second his mouth pops open and he gives you a wet slobbery kiss!
We had a wonderful Parma Convention. The kids were AMAZING! Camden slept in two meetings a day and Keaton and Tiana slept in one.... by Sunday Tiana slept in both meetings!
We had lots of play time with cousin Remington. They tend to just fight over the same ball.

See this grass..... I ate LOTS of this during my first convention.

Uncle Ryan and Tiana.

Tiana loving on cousin Kason.
BIG kisses!
Last year all three of us were pregnant... now we have three adorable little boys.
Camden (July 22), Milo (Sept 21), Trevor (Aug 21).

Sunday best.
His tie made a wonderful chew toy, who knew that is what they were meant for!!

We tried a fun father's day photo with all three kids with NO success. Sunday of convention, NOT a good time to try that. So we got some fun individuals with Daddy.

Stick in one hand, grass in his mouth, typical little boy. (Don't worry the stick was taken way)

Photo with Cousin Remington who turned ONE today!!
Walking around just like a pro!
Goofy as it sounds I have been admiring the light that comes into our bathroom in the afternoon through the little window above the bath. This last week I grabbed the kids real quick for a couple photos. Their blue eyes look SOOOO good with my blue wall.

11 Month photos as well as some fishing photos and two birthday parties are still on camera cards waiting to be processed! Soon.... I hope!


MSue and BMcD said...

I love the freezer paper stencils and am definitely going to try that soon!! Where do you find your T-shirts?