Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slip and Slide

But first here is some photo catch up:
This was from our last bout of asthma with Tiana. She fell asleep sitting on the couch. And I am very disgusted to announce that we are once again having to do "princess treatments" aka nebulizer treatments. She has another mild cold which just throws her body for a loop. Hopefully this one will be done in time for convention. Oh yeah, and the background on princess treatments... she was and still is a little scared of the machine so she wanted her big brother to go first. I thought quick and told her it was only for princesses so she was the only one that could use it. That reason worked, not that she enjoys them but she does like that it is something she gets to do and no one else (plus she usually gets a treat while sitting and waiting for the meds to be done).

First french braid!

Camden now knows how to sign dog and he makes a barking noise for what a dog says. He is also trying to figure out how to point (so cute, he can't get his fingers to cooperate very often). He has just started singing all the time and telling us big jabbering stories! He must be going through a growth spurt right now, he is sleeping 12-13 hours at night plus taking at least 5 hours in naps during the day. Not only that but he is eating more than Keaton right now. He had 2 pieces of pizza the other day for lunch and 2 pancakes in the morning!
This past week (about six months later than the other kids) Camden's temper has developed!!!! If the other kids take something away from him or he wants something, watch out! He will also roll around on the floor throwing himself around crying!! It has been quite shocking since we really haven't seen this until now.
On a sweet note he has started blowing kisses. He says "mmmmmuah" to his hand and grins. He also makes that noise when kissing you. He loves giving his brother and sister kisses too.
Camden LOVES the car... well all the kids do.... they fight over it more than anything else. But for now, Camden gets to play with it the most. The other two know that they have to be very careful when he is in it.

Who knew this car could seat so many!?!
Tiana got daring and decided to try what Keaton was doing...... it was VERY scary though once she got up!!
Little Madelyn and her mommy came over last week and we all enjoyed it SO much! Keaton is a baby loving boy. If we are with Maddie there is a VERY good chance that Keaton will be the one that is holding her.

Such a cutie!
Tiana even got a turn this time!

So I tried something new this past week. I have read on lots of blogs that screen printing with freezer paper is SO easy. They all say something to the effect of, "I can't believe I didn't try this sooner, it is so easy" yeah well I can say the same thing! Nana got this shirt really cheap at Old Navy for Keaton as an extra shirt at her house..... well that didn't work because Keaton loves it. I figured as long as he likes it we may as well put something on it. He wanted an octopus so I found a good image and here we are! He loves it.
What prompted this was my little nephews first birthday coming up. I have been thinking for a while of something fun to make for him. His Mommy is doing a Coca-Cola bear and party for him so I decided to make him a Coca-Cola shirt. We were then talking and she mentioned that she wanted to find him a little Coca-Cola shirt. That sealed the deal, I told her I would take care of that!!! It turned out really cute, however my favorite one I can't show you yet because it is a top secret birthday present! I will show you as soon as I can.
Tiana with the two things she is rarely without for more than a few minutes... her stroller and shopping cart.... loaded up with babies of course!
Yesterday was FINALLY nice enough (by their standards) to set up my garage sale find. I got the kids a slip and slide, new in box, for a dollar!
Keaton won't slide on his tummy but he has a baseball slide down perfectly.

Of course Tiana just runs as fast as she can until she slips and falls.
Camden loved to play in the water too.

Trying to grab the water.
Getting Daddy all wet as soon as he came home.
I LOVE the summer because it is amazing what a little water can do to entertain kids for HOURS. I can tell right now that we will all have good tans this summer because we are going to be spending most every waking minute outside.


KatieB said...

Love the shirts!

My kids go down the slip and slide the same way...makes for some great photos! :)