Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three's a load

Nana and Papa got back from their trip so they came over to see the kids. Three kids makes quite the load for horsey Papa!
The other thing that was accomplished this last week was another dress for Tiana. This was Hobby Lobby fabric also and although initially I liked this fabric better I ended up liking the other one the most. This one is just a cute fun casual dress from the Portabello Pixie Claire Pattern by Sandi Henderson.

She is totally poking out her little belly in this photo, it cracks me up.

The only other little update is Camden is now quite a pro at feeding himself. He ate grilled cheese this last week for dinner and just loves anything that he can pick up and eat all by himself. He also LOVES a sippy cup with water, he can drink it himself also!


AmyB said...

Have you seen the dress pattern from Pink Fig? It's similar to the one you made for Tiana with the sash. I absolutely love it! I'm holding off on purchasing it, since the sizes don't start until 6 months. They have some other really cute patterns as well. You're doing so great with your sewing for her! I doubt I'll be able to keep up...even with only 2 kids!