Friday, March 5, 2010

Camden: 7 Months

Of course these photos are a week old and so he has been 7 Months now for almost 2 weeks. Better late than never though! I can't believe that Camden is already 7 Months old. He is ALL over the place. He still alternates between crawling and army crawl. If he wants to get somewhere really fast, army crawl it is, he cruises right along. More and more every day he decides to crawl. He has gotten from all fours to a sitting position a few times but he would prefer to just not sit at all. Life is all about trying to keep up with big brother and sister. He has started to pull himself up also. His favorite thing is to climb all over Mommy! He was pulling himself up rather regularly last week until he fell a couple times. Nothing major at all, in fact he didn't even get hurt. However, he reminds me of Tiana because he gets SO scared and really cries. Now he starts standing up and changes his mind. I know he will get over it and really as far as I am concerned, he can just wait a while. I am not looking forward to the permanent bruise on the forehead stage!! He has been rather cranky lately, and I realize that when I say that he has been cranky it really isn't that bad. He just has wanted held more than usual. We have been fighting colds and now he is working on both of his top teeth. It hasn't affected his sleeping too much, he is just waking up a little earlier than normal.
He is eating like a champ. He LOVES food and more and more he is wanting to try what we have. He is starting to pick up foods with his thumb and pointer fingers. He is finally a little less orange, you probably noticed that he turned a little orange with all the baby food he eats. You really would think that he only would eat sweet potatoes and carrots but I have been really careful to give him a mixture of veggies. He likes them all. It is just REALLY hard to find stage 3 food that DOESN'T have something orange in it. I know, I know, I could make his food, but it doesn't seem like I have much extra time these days. Anyways, his skin tone is very olive colored and so it didn't take much to look a tad orange!
He still loves his siblings and pretty much is happy as long as they are playing by him. He has started to drive Keaton crazy by "ruining" everything he is playing with! Oh yeah, we have been working on signs with him and he has started to sign more while he is eating. He grins from ear to ear so proud of himself as he signs it.
Enjoy these photos!

Just to show that he isn't ALWAYS happy and smiling!

AND my favorite... shows those two little bottom teeth poking up!
Just two more things that the kids said that were cute:
Keaton while playing with Nana and Papa's dog Abby: "Can't catch me, you're a ginger pan" (Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man)
In the van today I hiccuped Tiana kept saying "what you say" over and over again. It took me a while for it to connect. She said "say scuse me, what you say". Apparently I didn't say it loud enough for her to hear!


amydee said...

I love Camden's "one-eyebrow raised" look.

Laurel said...

Good thing you included the picture of Camden crying to make it believable he is normal! He's such a cute, smiley baby man!!