Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank-you Time Change!

Thank-you for another hour in the evening so that in combination with amazing weather we get to do this:
After eating dinner outside in the grass we tried to fly a kite... of course the wind died down by the time we were done eating.

So we spend the remainder of the evening running down hills.

And jumping for joy!

Loving spending an hour outside with Daddy.

Daddy even got to practice his jumping!
Then Keaton had to jump over Daddy!
Tiana cringing and closing her eyes, then giggling!
Both the kids!
Showing off those chompers.
Camden has entertained himself all week by standing up on everything, he loves standing at the toy box and taking all the books off the book shelf. He has even started to walk around things. Oh yeah, and when he is in his room he has figured out how to open the drawers and take out the clothes! He is now crawling 100% of the time and getting rather quick!
We went to a birthday party and Camden LOVES cake.
Here is what I made the birthday girl. It is another Amy Butler pattern and I love it. The are two sizes of bags and this is the hand bag size..... perfect for a little girl.
I added this to the front for fun.
And the inside. I added pockets for crayons.
Now I just need to finish Tiana's. She can't wait for her "birdy purse", she has already tried to carry it around the house in it's half finished state. It will be her meeting bag.


Rachel said...

very cute!! love your sewing!

Cassandra said...

I didn't realize that bag had a smaller version! So very cute!

I love the extra hour of light, and all the time (already) playing outside!