Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

This was Tiana's interpretation of "standing by the wall" to take a photo of her jumper! Guess she has been doing a little standing in the corner!!

My cute kids all ready to leave on Thanksgiving. Great Grandpa Z turned 80 so we had a family reunion for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to see everyone.... talk about a LOT of little kids!
There was lots of football playing which suited Keaton just fine!
Grandma and Grandpa brought their horse and cart for rides!
We did discover that the one way to avoid over eating at Thanksgiving is to have three children three and under. I seriously got myself a roll 6 different times.... only to have it disappear into the hands of one of the kids while I wasn't looking.... EVERY TIME! And of course since I got their plates first, by the time I sat down, they were almost done so then so were we! Oh well, not like we were starving, but I was actually hungry for dinner!
Remington and Kason hanging out on Saturday.
One worn out little Camden!
Keaton did lots of playing out side, Tiana did lots of watching at the window! She was really coughing so we stayed inside.

These three are only 4 months apart! Left to right: Lincoln is Feb. Elijah is June and Tiana is May. Tiana of course towers over them but they had fun playing together.

We then spent the rest of the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Keaton got to ride a horse, which of course he was SO excited about.

Tiana helped Grandma make lunch.
Then in the evening I tried some rice cereal with Camden again....
he LOVES it!

Now he is going to sleep WAY earlier at night which is so nice. Plus he has added peaches and sweet potatoes to his diet.... both of which he loves.
Both of the kids had a blast jumping off the couch to Grandma.

Our little girl proves that the girly girl nature is inborn! As my brother says.... you can't TEACH someone how to run like a girl..... and that is something Sissy does QUITE well!
WARNING: Naked baby photos coming right up!
For both of the other kids we have a naked photo taken right about 4 months, standing on the bathroom counter. (see this post) It has been fun to compare just how chubby they each were. Now it was Camden's turn.
Laughing after Camden peed ALL over Daddy!


Cassandra said...

So cute! I love Tiana's big smile! It looks like the Thanksgiving gathering was a blast.

Martine Irene said...

More great pictures. The one of Camden eating rice cereal is adorable!!!