Monday, December 28, 2009

Catch up

Well well... we are way behind here! The past few weeks have been crazy busy trying to get ready for our vacation.... a vacation that includes the beach, my brother's wedding, and the Fiesta Bowl. Here are some photos of our days at home getting ready to go.
Our littlest is now 5 months old and sitting up already!
The dismount isn't very smooth yet but he is getting better.
Tiana and him have become the BEST of friends lately. She has become fascinated with her baby dolls and has realized that Camden is her own real live baby! He LOVES the attention from both of the kids. Tiana was quite entertained with sticking stickers on him the other day and luckily since he adores her, he thought it was quite hilarious.
Here she was getting him some toys that she thought he would like.
Best buddies first thing in the morning.
Tiana has become quite the little goon. She will copy whatever faces I am making.....

.....wouldn't you have just LOVED to see what I looked like to get her to copy me!
Espresso mustache. She found a mug with just a bit of foam in the bottom. Needless to say, she LOVES coffee!

Kisses in the tub.
Camden is now grabbing everything in sight. He was entertained for a long time with this paper.
He has also discovered a LOVE for food. Right after this, he started really whining when we noticed that he had his mouth open every bite I took and when I didn't give it to him he was not happy. He needs and loves his cereal twice a day and has added, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, and bananas.

Keaton has been playing football as per normal, all the time, but now Great Great Grandma Jerry is a regular imaginary player. Mind you she is 99.5 years old and probably the least likely person to be able to play football, even though she is quite amazing for her age!
Tiana's favorite expression right now is "Ya Ok".
Camden is doing awesome sitting up and is getting better at getting down also without bumping his head. He loves playing and rolling around on the floor and is still an amazingly good baby.
We are currently in CA enjoying the 62 degree weather and the beach! Lots more photos to come.