Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Days

Last week Kason turned ONE! We helped him celebrate on Saturday.
Tiana and cousin Cora.
Then on Daddy's birthday it SNOWED!! This is basically the first time that Tiana has seen snow. She was in it lots last year but was too young to remember. She woke up first (as per normal) and kept coming in and saying "Come, Wook it Mommy Wook it!" With her little nose pressed to the window, she was amazed! Of course Keaton was just SO very excited when he woke up because he loves the snow. We ate breakfast, got Camden down for his morning nap and headed outside...... this is how far Tiana got before she declared, "All done!"
Keaton of course rolled around in it and convinced her to stay outside for a while.
Of course he started eating it immediately, we couldn't get Tiana to eat ANY of it. Which is very weird coming from the girl that has NO problem eating DIRT!

She did enjoy the play set. She will like it more with her new ski gloves that I just got her.

My cute little snowmen.
She was quite concerned at first when she got snow on her mittens "Dirty Mommy, OH NO".... until she realized that Keaton really hollered when she put the snowy mittens on his face!

Then that evening Grandma and Nana came over to help us celebrate Daddy's birthday!
This year we have one more happy little camper added to the mix!