Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a few projects.

I had to laugh when I put this post together because I realized how many projects I was able to do this past week! My kids have been taking AMAZING naps and have been AMAZINGLY cranky the rest of the time because of their colds. Therefore I have needed the naps and sewing for my sanity!
Here is Tiana's Thanksgiving jumper. I have used this pattern lots of times and this is the last size available in my pattern..... I think I am going to have to buy the next group of sizes up because I just love the way it turns out. I just added 4 inches in length to the 24 month pattern and it fits great!
This little dress you will see again (and again) this summer. It will be a favorite because it is so comfortable. This is my own pattern!!!!!!! Yep I completely made this one up as I went! It is made out of a cheap men's XXL Gap Outlet t-shirt that we got when we were in Utah. It is so very soft and you sure can't beat the $2 price tag. She was quite impressed that there was pockets!
Not the best photos but by the time she gets up from her nap, it is dark!

This little towel is for my nephew who just turned ONE! Kason is having an owl party so I thought this would work rather well!
The eyes and beak are made out of felt and the bias tape is a scrap that I had in my stash.
This last dress will also be seen this spring and summer. I made up a sample dress to make sure we didn't want any changes made to the pattern for Mark and Kyla's wedding. The kids are in the wedding! Needless to say, we LOVE the way it turned out but for the wedding one I am adding a ruffle on the bottom, making the skirt fuller and adding a sash. The pattern was definitely workable though so it was a successful trial run. Besides the fact that this will be an adorable dress for next summer.

And here are the ties I made as a trial run for the wedding for the boys. I just used one of Daddy's ties that wasn't his favorite. Not to bad, a little time consuming but definitely cute. I will have to take photos of them modeling them when they wear them.
Next up.... a skirt for me for the wedding.... YIKES!


Cassandra said...

Lovely, all of it! Kudos to you for all the sewing you've gotten done! I'm just getting started on Christmas gifts...this evening.

Heidi said...

Kyla, your projects are wonderful! You are an inspiration. It seems that for months now I've been either too busy or too tired to get anything done at the sewing machine. I have lots of fabric and ideas, so I'm hoping to carve out some time soon to make them happen!