Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall fun

Apparently we are having too much fun around here to do any more than one update a week! Actually the true culprit is a working mommy. I have had 4-6 photo shoots every week for the past month. It looks like it is going to slow down a little bit here with Thanksgiving coming up but I have some scheduled already for the first week in December. So it looks like for the time being you better get used to seeing us once a week or so! Next week we are going to Utah with Daddy since he has to go down to the job. Then we are taking a little R&R in Salt Lake for the weekend with the kids.
Tiana re-discovered the exersaucer this late week!
Camden learned how to blow bubbles, raspberries and grab onto things this last week. Oh and also he is rolling over all the time now. He has actually been able to roll over from tummy to back since he was about 2 weeks old!!! However now he is doing it all the time.
BIG EYES while blowing lots of bubbles.

Getting some chub.
Keeping Sissy entertained with the camera while the boys finished their naps.
We gave Camden his first taste of rice cereal..... NOT a huge fan yet! We will try again in a few weeks.

We went to a birthday party on Wednesday and the kids had a blast!
Since he is now grabbing toys, he LOVES his exersaucer and really bounces and plays in it.
We had a fun weekend with all of my family here for the BSU Vandals game. My brothers taught Keaton the Vandals fight song, which made him want to learn the Bronco one. So all week he learned it and in teaching him Tiana chants it too. After we got home from the game this evening Camden was REALLY happy because he slept most of the time.