Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family photos

Well I FINALLY got these photos all picked out and ready!!! These are from our family photo shoot as well as the kids' 18 Month and 3 Year shoots. Enjoy... now comes the hard part.... choosing what to enlarge.
And this one is out of order.... I accidentally had to upload it again.

Tiana kept saying "Where did Sissy go?" Then uncover her eyes and say "Peek-a-oo".

Tiana LOVES her "boops" (boots). Well not right at first... she took some convincing. I wore my boots and then we showed Daddy our boots and Daddy said they were so cute! Then the entire time I was doing her hair she kept telling me "Show Daddy boops, Daddy say cute boops". Now ever since then she wants to wear her boots and just loves them.

Just to show that these photo sittings aren't just a walk in the park!

We don't always get nice smiles!

As if there weren't enough leaves on the ground.... Keaton had to knock some more off of the tree!

Playing in the leaves. (click to enlarge)


Diane said...

Those are so cute. I know why granddaughter Kyla, likes those little ones. Seems as though I know them already.

Miller & Nanna's Mom said...

Kyla, you do amazing work. I don't know if you take "votes" but that close up of Tiana where she's smelling the purple flowers is AWESOME. That little dress really makes her blue eyes pop and she's got the most mishchevious smile I think I've ever seen. I love the "boops"