Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Projects and Cousins

Keaton as figured out how to hold up 3 fingers now..... as you can tell it still takes some concentration but he is so very proud of himself. The first night he learned how to, he fell asleep with his fingers that way for fear that he wouldn't be able to do it again!
There it is.... my big three year old.
We had lunch with Cousin Remington and Auntie Shanna yesterday. We were giving Camden and him some play time and the older two had to join in of course.

These two are going to have so much fun together.
Lately my sewing machine has been calling to me from it's new location on my sewing table. However, I have been so busy with photos that I haven't had a chance to start on any projects. Last night I decided to do a little quick re-fashioning of this shirt. I had a scarf that I used to wear as a belt with it but I haven't worn it in forever. So I thought that I would just cut it up and make these flowers on it instead. I LOVE the way it turned out... not to bad for a little hour evening project.

Hopefully after we get back from our little trip I can start some of the many projects I have to sew! Plus I have a few little quick ones too. I have been addicted to all these re-fashioning projects lately I keep seeing on other blogs. If anyone has a solid color sweater they are looking to get rid of, I will take it! I can't wait to make this hat for Tiana. I also just got t-shirts to make this little dress and I have fabric for this skirt for Tiana. Not to mention that I have got to get the flower girl dress for Tiana and the boys' ties (from this tutorial) done for Mark and Kyla's wedding on January 1st.


Cassandra said...

Isn't that hat the best? My niece has a one year bday coming up, and I've got to find the perfect materials to make it for her!

Love the flower embellishments!