Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tiana's newest little cute quote is "pretty please". She says this instead of just saying please. She also will say "thank-you, welcome" when you ask her what to say. Guess she has heard me say "your welcome" everytime after they say "thank you". Her word of the day though is "no"! She has gotten quite the mind of her own now.
She also has been very occupied with counting. She counts to two all the time and sometimes to three. She even points to her fingers when she does it.
I can't believe that she is 18 months old now! She is so big for her age that it seems like she should be almost 2 already. She is 36!!!! inches long (of course 99.98%) and 29 pounds (90%). She says everything you ask her to say and talks in sentences already! There is no more signing for this little girl because talking is the way to go. She is still a little timid when it comes to new things or people. Today she discovered that she is deathly afraid of elevators.... hope she grows out of that one because it is hard for this mommy to take three kids up and down stairs all the time.
She has really opened up these last few months though and has come out of her shell. She adores her uncles now where before they were a tad scary! She looks up to her brother and tries to do everything he does and she just loves her baby brother. She is a DADDY'S girl right now and when he is around she wants nothing to do with her mommy!
Tiana is surrounded by boys with 4 boy cousins but now worries... she is not a tomboy! She will keep them all in line quite well. Not to say that she won't rough and tumble some but when she is done, watch out for the ear piercing scream! Then she heads off to push her babies and bunny around in her stroller. She still LOVE purses and shoes. Her current favorite pair is her "boops" and she always notices people wearing boots. She asks to wear them all the time and was so excited to see her doctor wearing boots today! Goofy girly girl we have here.
She is still an excellent eater and sleeper which has been ever so helpful. Tiana is growing into a beautiful little girl.