Friday, November 6, 2009

Elephant Infestation

Apparently we have an infestation of elephants in this household. All week Keaton has been waking up in the morning saying that he doesn't like animals. When I asked him what animals he doesn't like he says "Elephants, they scare me. Elephants are in my 'breadroom'. The little ones aren't scary but the big ones scare me." This has been the same conversation every morning, with a scared little boy every night before bed because of the elephants that apparently hang out in his bedroom. Don't know why elephants are scary.... we haven't been to the zoo lately, he doesn't have any stories about elephants, he didn't see any on Halloween so WHO knows why he is so scared of them. We told him that elephants are too big to fit into our house but he just argued... NO they are in my bedroom!
It is a very good thing that we have elephant repellent though! We have been meaning to move Camden into Keaton's room for a while now but we have been fighting sickness after sickness so we have been putting it off. Well, after the elephant problem we asked Keaton if he needed Camden to sleep in there with him to scare away the elephants. He looked as us rather skeptically but then decided that it may work. So, last night we slept Camden in there and what do you know... it worked.... no more elephant problem! Keaton woke up this morning and declared that Camden had scared them all away.