Tuesday, October 7, 2008


5 months old!! She weighed in this month at almost 20 pounds and 28 1/4 inches long! She has really gotten chubby lately! It hasn't stopped her from rolling around everywhere though. She is also eating a lot now. She loves any type of veggie but is picky on her fruits. So far peaches are the only fruit that she will tolerate. If she doesn't like something it will be spit out completely! She has also discovered yogurt and is a big fan.
Gotcha Dad! With a tooth about ready to pop through spit-up has been a rather big problem!

Practicing sitting up, which when she wants to she does very good with.
I just love this little outfit on her. It looks so grown up.
I tried to get her to sit down... nope. She LOVES to stand and as you can tell has REALLY good balance!

Love those chubby legs and little feet.
We will leave you with this little video. She has been trying to fly lately! When she gets really excited she starts flapping her arms. Therefore when I gave her a toy that rattled she figured out that she could shake it and make noise! Sorry for the background noise, we were trying to get dinner on the table but I had to take a timeout for this video which I promised grandparents!

Video sent by mommy

May not have very many photos here for a few days because we are busy getting ready for Keaton's party. We made cakes all day today. Keaton has been talking non-stop about his birthday and all of his friends that are coming and cake of course. We told him that they will be eating dinner with us so now every meal he asks if they are coming!! He is getting so excited!


MSue and BMcD said...

OH my word, she NAILED Benji! That is too funny and cute!