Monday, October 13, 2008

Keaton's Birthdays

Here we have had two birthdays for our two year old and he hasn't even reached his ACTUAL birthday! The morning of the party he HAD to have his hat on.
The cakes.

His first present which he opened like a PRO!
Hanging the pinata.

Clapping for himself. He blew out both candles on his first try.

Getting a little carried away with the ball stickers.

All of Keaton's friends that were able to come help him celebrate. Keaton had a ball! He hardly ate any cake because he didn't want to stop playing.
Long after everyone left he kept right on playing with all of his balloons.
We woke up Saturday to a chilly morning so they watched the fire!

We had a lazy day playing with his balloons and waiting for the family party that night.

Slam dunk!

Telling us how old he is... "two"

Getting Sissy all dressed for the party. She thought that peeking out her shirt was quite funny!
All dressed up.
Playing balloon baseball.

Of course we got some Vandal gear from the Uncles!
He had to look at EVERY book before opening the next gift!
Trying out the Tonka.
When we brought the trike in he was busy playing with his Barrel of Monkeys. He glanced over his shoulder and says "bike" and goes back playing. It took him a second to realize that WAIT that "bike" is for me!! He can't ride it quite yet but with some practice inside this winter he should be a pro by next summer! And of course it is a hit because it is a "Bonco" (bronco) trike!

The bucket has been the biggest hit. He already has dumped out the blocks that were in it multiple times to walk around the house with the bucket on his head.
Singing Happy Birthday with us. He now knows most of the words.

Excited to be able to catch up with his uncles who came home from Moscow for his party!

And all partied out and not feeling to great today we had to take it easy with him. He seems to have caught some sort of bug. We turned down the volume on his Elmo DVD so he decided to hear it better he needed to hold the speakers up to his ears!

Thank you to everyone who helped him celebrate these past few days! He had such a good time!