Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So big now.

The first sign of officially having a big boy came today from Keaton.
This morning at breakfast he was struggling with feeding himself cereal. To prevent what sometimes ends up in a breakdown I asked him if he would like Mommy to help. He looks up at me and calmly and in a matter of fact tone said "Nope, I do it". Since then that has been all I have heard all day. I have had to learn a little patience when things take longer that if I would just help him. Overall though it is good for him to be learning how to do things instead of depending on us.
His two favorite topics of conversation right now are "pumkicks, and popkits" (pumpkins and pockets) He has to say hi to our pumpkins on the front porch a couple of times a day. He knows which one belongs to each person in the family. He has discovered that his pants have "popkits" which can hold all sorts of treasures. In his quest for things to put into his "popkits" today he discovered Daddy's drawer of change. He ran around with "mine moneys in pants popkits" all day. I could tell when he was coming because of the jingling! Next on our agenda is to get him a piggy bank for his (or our) "moneys" that he happens upon. Finders keepers I suppose.
Lastly while singing grace for dinner he chimed in. We always sing Day by Day because he has learned most of that one. Where it says "Father now we Thank Thee, For our daily Bread" he usually just sings "Thank-u por are bread". This time Keaton sang "Daddy, Thank-u..."! I just about completely cracked up laughing but I suppose in his mind Father and Daddy are one in the same. Guess we will have to work on that one!


Becky Gonce said...

Cute! We sang #1 during our study every day for quite a while and the last stanza of the first verse is "peace and good tidings" Carson said "peas and go potty" =-)