Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Pumpkins

This morning we headed out to the "pumkick patch" to pick out our carving pumpkins.
Keaton found Sissy's pumpkin right off.
Then followed up with any one he could pick up.
Sissy held on to Keaton's and looked around in pure amazement.

We also got to see the animals in the petting zoo which Keaton LOVED. He got to see "ducky's, Moo's, bird's, eebra's, baa's, and neigh's" (geese, cow, emu, zebra, sheep, pony's).

Sissy was NOT to keen on the geese which were quite loud. Other than that she did great with the crowd.

I LOVE this photo of our boy. This is what we see all the time. He has two speeds.... fast and faster.
We got boring hunting for the perfect carving pumpkin.
Of course this one turned into a bat!

Pretending that he was going to eat it.... promptly after Mommy said "Keaton don't put that in your mouth".

And of course the tongue is out again.
How sweet!

We then rushed home to clean up and head over to a Ember's birthday party!
We made her a little apron so that she can help in the kitchen!