Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Bug!

How in 2 short years you went from this....

to this at one year... to this at 18 the bundle of talking energy we have now... just blows my mind.

Apparently 2 is the new 16. We headed out the door this morning only for Keaton to declare "I wan drive Mom." Very plainly as if he was now old enough so HE would be doing the driving today.

We love how grown up he is.

Keaton you are at such a fun age right now. We love your little conversations. You are talking SO well! We are so impressed with your use of sentences and even using I. How and when you grew up we aren't sure because it seems to have flown by.

We love how well you share with everyone. At your birthday party you were more that happy to make sure everyone got toys. You make such a wonderful big brother. You love your sister more than anything else. If you are apart for any amount of time you kiss and hug her and won't let her out of your sight.

You are still quite the cuddle bug. You crawl in bed with Mommy every morning for some cuddle time. Lately during any cuddle time you ask us to "sing meeting" songs. You will sing along getting some of the words in that you know.

We couldn't have wished or asked for a better bundle of energy. Two years later and you are still our Bug. We love you more that we can ever describe. Thank you for being such a good little boy.
We hope to get those 2 year photos taken sometime this week.


Becky Gonce said...

Happy birthday Keaton!! wow, they grow so fast! CUTE cake!