Thursday, October 30, 2008

A BIG Day!

We had our finalization court date today!!! So as of about 11:15 this morning we officially have Tiana Dawnita Sorenson! It will take many years before she fully apprieciates how big of a day this was for her. Even though she has NO idea what was going on around her, she had a very happy day!
She has just developed quite the little cheesy grin!
Keaton was VERY hyper but you can tell how much he loves his baby sister.
My parents were able to make it and Grandma was there... Grandpa had to be away on business. He was very sad about it and we missed him. The workers were also able to be there so that was VERY special.

Todesa and her boys were able to come too. It was nice to be able to share this day with some family and close friends.
Our happy little girl! She has always been our daughter but now she officially has our name. It is such a relief to have it all complete!
And like I said it is very obvious the love that our children have for each other. Keaton wanted NO part in photos unless he could give his sister loves!
We ended out a special day by helping Brittyn celebrate his 5th birthday!
Keaton had a blast playing all the games.
And the best part is he got to share it with his favorite friends, Aunna and Brittyn.
Sissy just enjoyed all the lights and action going on around her!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costume Party

Today we went to a costume party for a bunch of the little kids! Dee Anne did an AMAZING job with the decor, lunch and games! Keaton had a ball and after Tiana got over the shock of seeing people dressed up she did good too! I didn't think that I would be able to get Keaton to wear his costume but the opposite happened. I couldn't get him to take it off. He had to wear it in the car even.
Cousin Cora (Pebbles) dancing to the music!
Our adorable lady bug.

The kids had mummies (hotdogs in croissants), fingers (carrot sticks with an olive), bones (string cheese) and some other yummy things.
We then had story time.
Pumpkin decorating.

Nana came to help with Sissy.
They even went trick-or-treating inside! Keaton caught on really fast and was knocking on doors saying "tick o teet" "tank ooo"!
The whole gang! What a cute bunch of kids.
I had to put this group photo in too because this one was the only one that Keaton was smiling in! The pumpkin flashlight was more interesting.
All the girls... well minus Cora who was going home for nap time.
And the boys.
The cutest bugs around.

What we see more often than not... our little bug running from photos.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cookie Time

We went over to Nana's house today to make some cookies for our costume party tomorrow!
Keaton liked to help for the first few minutes and then we became boring!
He put the sugar sprinkles on a few but didn't have a stop button so we had to help!

Sitting up all big like.

2 year & 6 month photos

Here are some of the photos that we did last week of the kids. We still have more from our family shot that I haven't edited but here is a sneak preview!

Just a few of the smiles that we get besides the normal ones!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Projects and Pumpkins

With all of these creative juices flowing but so far nothing for Keaton I decided to make him a shirt. I saw this cute little owl and just had to try to create one myself out of some boy fabrics. I also got a steal of a deal off eBay for a bunch of vintage buttons! Keaton LOVED helping me sort through them all and look at each one. He loves his owl and loves that there are buttons on it for the eyes.
I must say that I love the way it turned out. I appliqued each piece on and then stitched around them also.
In about a half hour I whipped out Sissy another skirt also. I just love this free pattern from Oliver & S. It fits so cute and it is SO easy. It took me longer to sew buttons along them hem than to make the skirt start to finish! And once again more of my vintage buttons. The skirt is a soft corduroy perfect for winter. I still have to finish the shirt that will go with the skirt. I will post it when it is done.
Tonight we tackled carving our pumpkins. Keaton wouldn't even try to touch the insides of them but yet he took a bite of it when we weren't watching! He was quite fascinated by the entire process and loves the results.
It has become quite the tradition with Uncle Todd and Auntie Krystal and Uncle Tom and Auntie Shanna to get together each year.
These are Daddy and Mommy's pumpkins. Keaton choose the owl and I love the way it turned out. Of course the fly is Daddy's masterpiece!
The whole group of finished pumpkins:
Todd, Daddy, Mommy, Auntie Shanna for Sissy, Krystal, and Daddy for Bug.
Keaton with our family of pumpkins.
The official candle blower! He has had some practice now so he is great for the job.
We have a fun week this week with a costume party, a birthday party, and a baby shower!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

And she CAN touch her toes!!

We happen to have a daughter that is VERY inflexible! So you can imagine our surprise when the other day she started grabbing her feet!!! She can only reach them when her belly is not full and she has no pants on! At this age Keaton was shoving as much of his foot as he could into his mouth! The past month her feet have been quite interesting but just out of reach.... so we are happy to say that she has got them!

She has also mastered the art of sitting! She can now kick her feet, while flapping both arms uncontrollably (sometimes hitting herself in the face), and squeal all the while... for the most part... maintaining the sitting position.