Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just more of our cute kids...

Tiana laughing
Video sent by mommy

Auntie Shanna soaking up some baby time.

Tiana loves to stand up.

Our little helper.
You can't get a photo of our cute girl in her pj's without a underwear clad big brother deciding that it would be a good time to give his sissy a hug.
Tiana is now grabbing things... of course it goes straight into the mouth! Yesterday her dress was soaked from the top and bottom... from drooling and putting the hem into her mouth.
First band-aid! He got a nasty bee sting today but low and behold.... kisses and band-aid's work magic! (especially ones with dogs on them!)


Heather and girls said...

Hi there, I feel like I should post a comment since I look at your blog every once in awhile, I got it from a friends blog. Anyway your pictures are amazing, you are incredibly talented! I live in Kalispell, MT and I used to have a crush on your husband! I dont think he has any idea at all who I am, I used to hang out with Crystal Fielhaber and she was friends with him, I never talked to him or anything but i was just a little girl, anyway its funny to look back at it all now. I just like your blog and your darling little children, thanks for sharing! I always like to know whos on my blog so thought Id check in. Heather Thompson

The McKerrow Family said...

Hey Kyla - Fun seeing you in the mall yesterday. I wanted to let you know I tagged you to share 7 facts about yourself on your blog...if you want to:)