Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Pro Camera

Well, it was WAY past time to get a new Professional Camera!  I bit the bullet and haven't regretted it once! When it came in the mail I had to do some testing of course!  As soon as I got it out of the box and the battery charged, I documented our "normal" evening!

This was their "put your heads together" interpretation!

Of course their normal wrestling soon ensued!

The next evening we spent at Lake Lowell to take the rest of Tiana's birthday photos (yes a month late... I had to wait for my camera to arrive!) and while we were at it they had some fun!

The art of rock skipping!

Me and my girly

Ha... I should have known that this one would get soaking wet!

While this one was all worried that her dress might get wet!

This is my favorite photo of the entire summer! This is our life... the every day! Dirty, happy kids having delighting in the normal! Happy Mommy!
Then we had a magnificent lightening storm which was wonderful watching from our front porch.... with my new camera of course!