Thursday, October 8, 2015

Davina Visits!

We enjoyed a couple WONDERFUL days with my bestest friend and her kiddos! We lived together during college and once we got married we have lived states apart.  That doesn't stop us from talking all the time but this visit was long over due! A friendship like ours doesn't change with the miles and the years, it just keeps getting better! It is one of those friendships that is easy because we think alike, we raise our children similar, we have the same values!  It was such a joy to see all of our kids together.  They had so much fun... and so did we!

 The last night all of the kids stayed up WAY too late but we couldn't bring ourselves to make them go to bed!  They were all being goofy and having fun... so we just laughed and took pictures! These will surely come out again in 10 years as blackmail! ;)

The girls.... and William... look at his pose!  He had us laughing so hard!

Watching funny animal videos on youtube!

There were lots of tears when they left.... from the adults and the kids!