Saturday, October 10, 2015

Camden turns 6!

Camden keeps our every day full of noise and laughter! He is our firecracker! He loves school and tells me all about it for hours after he gets home!  He has lots of friends and loves his teacher.  Camden is high energy and for the most part very happy! He is very loving and is the first one to give his Mommy big hugs!  He declared before his birthday that he thought that he wouldn't have to plug his nose to eat broccoli anymore... because 6 year olds like vegetables! 
His most recent Camdenism was a conversation with Nana:
Camden: Did you hear about when I had a "heart" attack because I thought I lost my monster?
Nana: REALLY, a heart attack, that isn't very common in kids your age!  What did the doctor have to say?  How is your heart?
Camden (exasperated): NO Nana not a heart attack... a HARD attack.  You know when I REALLY freak out!

For Camden's birthday we got a playset! While Mommy and Daddy built the box and filled it with lots and lots of pea gravel, we worked around kids swinging! On a side note... they thought that pea gravel was quite hilarious.  We did make sure and point out that they were not to actually pee in it!

All done!  The kids sure love it!

This little one is always the first one up!  He likes to crawl in bed and sleep in Daddy's side!

New shirts!  The rocket one has is glow in the dark... per Camden's request!  You know Mommy crafts when the demands get higher and higher!
 Camden's request was a Rocketship/Space party!