Thursday, October 8, 2015

From the iPhone

See they really can be so sweet to each other!

Oh Mr Camden!  He got a feather bow tie from his good friend Jasper's dad and it just made his day! It is his favorite thing in his closet!

Kindergarten Registration!
 So Camdenisms at their finest:
At Kindergarten registration they do the screening.  While I am filling out all the paperwork, he goes back to the back of the library with a teacher.  All of the parents are sitting quietly and the teacher must have asked him to rhyme one word with cat.  We hear this very loud voice say "The CAT SAT with the RAT on a MAT!". Mr overachiever got laughs from everyone in the library!  The secretary Pam asked if that was my child. I told her Yep, that is my Camden.  She laughed and said, "Now this should be FUN!".  So Camden comes out a few minutes later the teacher said that he was VERY ready for Kindergarten! He then says, "She asked me if I knew my ABC's. I told her yes but then she didn't even ask me to SAY them! AND she asked if to name shapes but she didn't ask me about a star or a heart.... so I don't think she knew those shapes!"  We went home and we were telling Daddy about this encounter and Daddy said "Oh great, he already knows more than his teacher!" Camden says "OF COURSE DAD!". The next day he was very much irritated to discover that he had to wait ALL SUMMER to start Kindergarten!  PLUS everyone in his preschool had to SAY their alphabet except him. He was NOT impressed!
Awe they are so cute!