Saturday, December 7, 2013


We will catch up with an long post!  I had my VERY busy photo season and then my computer crashed so these photos have been hanging out on my computer for a while now!

Nana and I took Tiana to Disney on Ice!  I surprised her with a new dress from my favorite pattern! You can find it here:

She had such a wonderful time and just sat in awe in entire time!
 We had a fun season at Boise State games!

Cutest little Broncos!

We went to Portland for a weekend trip!  We had such a fun time, it was a great little getaway!
New outfit!  She outgrew her pants so I made another pair for her and a new shirt for Fall. Pants are Portabello Pixie and shirt is O+S (modified a bit).

Being lazy!
We spent a beautiful day at the Portland Zoo!
Baby turtles!!!

The kids BEGGED to go work out!  So of course we let them run off some energy.

Happy Halloween from a little fox, the tooth fairy, and a football player.

Little cutie being a fox.
 Keaton had basketball this last month.  He LOVED it!  We are going to have figure out another plan for this little boy next year he outgrew YBA in a hurry.  His coach said we need to either bump him up or find a more competitive league for him next time.  We have a very good little defender and shooter on our hands!!

I will never tire of these little drawings.  The one on the left is Keaton's and of course it is him playing basketball.  Tiana's is in the middle.  I love her hair and eye lashes on her people.  Camden is on the right and look who can write his own name now!!!! He draws very detailed people for a 4 year old!!
 We spent an afternoon in the leaves!

Awww.... LOVE this one!!  These two are inseparable.

Keaton's basketball games were adorable!  If the ball was on the floor you could be SURE that Keaton was in the middle of the pile fighting for the ball!!!

He has always slept like this! So cute!