Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daddy's Birthday

What is this... a post that is actually up to date and on time!!!??  Amazing!  Yesterday we got our first snow... nothing like the first snow to discover we have a pair of boots that are too small, a pair of snow pants that are too small and one pair that is too big! Sigh... oh well none of this actually stopped them from playing outside so I would say we are just fine for now!

I whipped up this for her to wear to the Santa Brunch.  I have been wanting to use this fabric since it is holiday-ish without being so specific that she can't just wear it all winter long! 1 1/2 hours, cut out to finish... not bad!

I had mentioned needing a photo from the road so here one is!  I love all of our windows!!!!  I am SO excited about that!
 Daddy also had a birthday yesterday!!  We are SO very lucky to have such a wonderful, patient, kind, loving, fun and funny Daddy and Hubby!

Daddy *whispers*: "On the count of three lets kiss Keaton"!