Saturday, December 7, 2013


I can NOT believe that November is over!  Not sure where it went!
I finished this dress a while back.  Pattern: Portabello Pixie Annalise.
 Grammy and Poppy came to visit!  My kids are SO very lucky to have 3 sets of Great-Grandparents!!

Last Basketball game.

Camden's Thanksgiving feast at Preschool.
 We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.  We enjoyed lots of cousin time which of course is loud and crazy with 7 kids 7 and under!
Feeding the ducks!  They were so cute on the ice, slipping and sliding!

Amid all the crazy noise I found these girls plugging their ears and playing!

We spend a couple hours with cousins.  The difference between girls and boys is amazing.  The boys were running around crazy and here the girls are coloring quietly!  We wanted to spend more time with all of them but Camden came down with a cold!

Little missy Tiana and Stella!!

The only time these boys were sitting quietly the entire weekend... and it only lasted a few moments!
 I just tried out a new pattern this week for Camden.  It is the Peek-a-boo pattern Hangout Hoodie.  I love the fit of it on Camden!  He of course loves it because it has dinosaurs, a hood and a pocket!