Thursday, December 5, 2013

House Building: Roof, Trim and Interior Walls and Windows!

Finishing up trusses.
Great room vault!
Front door!

Front entry!!

View from the highway.

Roof finished!

We have WALLS!!  This is looking toward the entry and study while standing in the dining room.

Into the study from the entry.

It was very exciting to see all the walls go in!  Front entry way!
It was silly how excited I was to see this half wall go in!!  This is the wall that holds the raised bar and then the kitchen sink on the other side!!!
This is the wall of the greatroom.  The fireplace will be in the center.  Off to the right will be the hallway to 2 bedrooms and the master!


Framing for the rock on the pillars in front.

 I now see that we need to get a photo from the road again!  Building a house is an adventure for sure.  For the most part it is fun but it is crazy how much time it takes!  It seems like every week there is something that comes up... last it was "we need your fireplace tomorrow!". Yikes, out we went to pick out a fireplace.  Oh yes and the plumber dropped off tubs.... that we hadn't picked out and was so far from what we wanted it was horrifying! ;)  So another day was spend on the phone and picking out bathtubs!  Every week I hold my breath just waiting to see what else will come up!  Some days I have to remind myself hourly that "building a house is FUN"... most days though I love every moment!  We have had our share of little mistakes of course but we have learned to live with a few things and others we had them go back and fix.  One such mistake is the rain glass on some of the windows... I walked in and within the first minute I noticed that something looked off.  All but ONE of the windows have the rain glass going up and down.... one has it going side to side.  Yep, no that REALLY doesn't work for me! That was one thing that I was NOT going to learn to live with... they have yet to come out and correct that... but they will! :)   The framing was off on the door in the master bedroom so we now have a sliding glass door with a window above.  I was always very sure that I wanted french doors but when you put a price right by it for how much it will cost to redo and make it work... I grudgingly agreed to a sliding glass door... if and ONLY IF it had internal blinds!  The plumbing is all roughed in now and the trim was finished today.  We picked out siding a couple days ago so that is the next step.  Inside, the electrical is next along with the heating and cooling!