Monday, December 17, 2012

First Loose Tooth

Today we have our FIRST loose tooth!!!  Much to Keaton's utter dismay.... Tiana has a loose tooth!  She was rather concerned about it because it hurts... that is until she heard about the tooth fairy!  Now she is just excited!  We started laughing since Keaton has been irritated for months that he hasn't lost a tooth yet and all his friends have!  Keaton says "Ok STOP laughing, it isn't funny, it is just irritating!"  And what does Keaton say about the Tooth Fairy.... it is "NOT real, I mean if Santa isn't.... then the tooth fairy isn't!"  Good point son, good point!  However I think the disappearance of the tooth and the reappearance of some money, MAY change his mind!   Well, that and make him even more irate that he doesn't have a loose tooth yet!
Guess I better get that tooth fairy pillow made sometime soon!!