Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finally Sewing a Bit

We spent the week in New Meadows so I got a bit of sewing done.  It has been a bit impossible to do any with my ankle until now.
This dress has been just waiting to get sewing up!  It is the Farbenmix Olivia Pattern again only made a bit bigger. I added the applique to finish it off. The knit was from EuroGirlsBoutique for my future reference, it is so soft and nice.

 This dress you may recognize from before... I went to iron it and discovered that there were holes in it.  Not sure how it happened but I had to take off the skirt and thankfully had enough extra fabric to add a new skirt to the dress.  I actually like this dress way better than the first one!  The skirt from the other dress will become a skirt for this summer.
 Last one, a circle skirt and a Farbenmix Imke shirt.  Circle skirts are so comfy and fast, I will be making lots in the future!