Friday, December 14, 2012

Sewing for my boy!

I did a bit of sewing for my little boy!  He was so excited about his dino shirt... he put it on and came to find me.  He was beside himself. 
Camden: "Mommy you made it wrong!!!"
Me: No I didn't honey, what do you mean?
Camden:  SEE you made it wrong!!! (As he pulls the hood up over his face)
Me: Umm Camden no, you put it on backwards!
Camden: NO you made it wrong. (We turn it around)
Camden: (gasp!)  Look there is is a POCKET!
Keaton and I got a really good laugh out of this.  I just love that he immediately assumed that I made it wrong... it just COULDN'T be that he put it on backwards!

New birdy shirt for the lil miss.

One of Camden's favorites... a paper airplane shirt!  I did discover that while I can make a really cute paper airplane shirt... I can NOT make a real paper airplane!  Camden reminds me of this almost daily!

They told me they were being "super stars"!

 The kids love helping Daddy tie flies!

 My favorite shirt of the bunch!  I discovered that my sewing machine has an overlock stitch, so I had fun adding red details!