Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend in Salt Lake

We took a weekend away for Daddy's birthday and to keep our minds off the fact that this last weekend would have been our due date.  We had lots of fun at the Childrens museum, Ikea and Special meeting!

Tiana and Camden loved the huge water area.

Keaton's favorite was the grocery store.  He put the food back on the shelves and checked out other kids!

Tiana and Camden thought the news room was funny!
Pretending to be cold!

 Our hotel was awesome!  They have a fun pool with water slides and huge rooms! Since I couldn't swim with my ankle I got to take photos!

Happy Birthday to Daddy!
 Saturday evening we went over to the "R" family's house.  The kids hit it off in no time and had a wonderful time playing while us parents could chat.

Goofy faces!

Adding baby D to the group.
 It snowed most of the day Saturday it didn't make the roads bad but it made everything pretty!
All ready for Special Meeting on Sunday!

Mommy with my walking boot and adorable kiddos!