Sunday, February 12, 2012

From the sewing machine:

I got this LilyGiggle pattern a while ago and wanted to try it out.  I thought it would make cute leggings to go with this dress.  I am sad to say that I am not happy with how these turned out.  They are cute for lounge pants but they are HUGE for leggings.  I went off the measurements on the pattern which of course was for someone 3 inches shorter than she is.  I added the length to the pattern and they ended up being at LEAST 6 inches too long... so I cut off a bunch of length!!!  You can tell how baggy they are, the top is rolled down twice!!  While they will fit her forEVER, I like instant gratification!  They did look cute with this new little vest but she won't be wearing them with dresses or skirts.  I know I need to make this again in a smaller size but right now I am in no mood to try it again!

 This dress is a little big right now but I want it to fit all next winter.  I used the Oliver+S Class Picnic pattern.  I was very excited with how this turned out since the pattern is made for a woven fabric and I did it out of KNIT!!  I lengthened the sleeves and made it into a dress.  I was hoping that I will eventually like it with the above leggings... it will depend on if it fits long enough for her to grow into the pants!  Until then I LOVE it with the striped leggings!