Saturday, February 18, 2012


Keaton's birth Aunt sent this to us this last week. This is exactly how we explain adoption to our kids.
We recently had someone ask us which of our children was "ours"... while I knew what they meant by that... my kids with their very big childlike ears were standing there.  I want them each to always know that no matter the journey they are all OURS.  Keaton and Tiana know that they are adopted, and while I don't know that they even begin to comprehend at this point what it really means, I never want them to feel like they are any less OURS.  So please, be careful how you word things when you ask people about their children.
While adoption is always in my heart, it has come to the fore-front these past couple weeks.  A couple that we have been privileged to know has just adopted a little baby boy.  I don't think that I have been this excited about a baby since my own (no offense to close friends and family)... it is simply because I know what they are feeling.  I know their longing, I know their joy, I understand their emotional roller coaster... often I feel like they are one of the only couples that truly understands US.  While I don't wish upon ANYONE infertility, I am very glad to know someone that has walked the same path as we have... someone who after that struggle now knows the power of adoption... the wonderful miracle of adoption!
Now for some serious honesty: After we got Keaton and Tiana I didn't know if I would ever be able to adopt again.  Not because of the end result... no... I am thankful for that every minute of every day... but because we had two very emotional adoptions within 18 months and I simply had no emotional reserve left.  Then Camden came along and having 3 in 2.5 years kept us VERY busy.  Now, as I sit back and read about this couples amazing adoption journey and see photos of this precious little boy, I find that I am once again thankful for the simple truth.... it doesn't matter the journey... the end result is the very same.  I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love each of my children the VERY same, how they came to us was each different but they are all ours.
I don't know what the future holds for how we are going to complete our family... but as each month goes by, I can trust that even though everything isn't going according to MY timing, that God's timing is perfect... our little family is proof of that! 


The Chairman's Wife said...

That comic was on our fridge for years until it was frayed and yellow. Our family is the "same" as yours. First two adopted and the third by birth except older than yours. We share your sentiments exactly. I think "we" are the lucky ones to experience all we have to create a family! You shared it perfectly. Thank you!

Mama Moe said...

Great post! We love you guys!

Country Family said...

love you, and YOURS! :)