Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Meadows

I have been wanting to do the masking tape road idea that was on Pinterest a lot... I finally remembered last week to buy masking tape!  We tried it out and it entertained the kids all week long.  I even vacuumed right over it!

Last weekend we went up to New Meadows with Tom and Shanna.  We went to the Ice Carnival in McCall and relaxed while the kids had tons of fun together.
Nana made Camden pj's and had just enough fabric left to make a pair for Remington too!!  The boys were SO excited with their matching pj's.  This fabric was from my grandma from when my brothers were little!!

Waking up with cartoons!

They wanted a picture with the robot fire hydrant!

Cute cousins!

Superman muscles!

Tiana wanted a muscle photo too... but not in front of superman... that was scary!

Getting eaten by the dino!

In an ice cave!

Sweet little Winston!!

All the kids loved to entertain Winston!  Camden was giving him toys when Winston threw them off the jumper.

Playing peek-a-boo to make him laugh!


Going to throw a snowball at Mommy!!

Getting ready to go sledding!

Showing me their "excited" faces as Daddy gave them one last shove!!

Oh no....

CRASH!!  Camden was not very impressed!

Teaching Keaton a game that Daddy and Uncle Tom made up when they were little boys!


Cassie said...

I think it's hilarious that Tiana is afraid of superman, yet she'll stick her arm in a dinosaur's mouth?!