Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My sweet little Valentines

Well we have had a VERY busy week with Valentine's day parties, lots of sugar, heart shaped meatloaf and biscuits!  My wonderful hubby got me an Iphone which I LOVE!  The best gift ever though is my little family itself!  
Sending kisses to Daddy!!

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Tiana recently outgrew her khaki pants, just as I was thinking that I need to go buy some, I remembered that I had this fabric in my stash!  I had it given to me a couple years ago so I whipped up a pair of ruffle pants.  I made them plenty long so that they will fit next winter too.  Once again it is the Portabellopixie Ruffle pants pattern that Tiana loves!
 This time though I added these cute pockets!  I love them and think that they will become a regular part of this pattern!!

What a cutie!
 This is my first knitting project as a gift!!  I have a scarf that is similar that I love.  It is a short scarf that as a pocket on the back.  (see photo below)  I love it because it is warm without feeling strangling!  It is a really soft yarn... and I think that the recipient likes it which is the best part!

Love this flower!  Took me a bit to figure out how to do it but once I got a little help in reading the pattern... it was easy!

The back side of the scarf tucks through the pocket on the back!