Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quality time with my Sewing Machine

I have always enjoyed working with knit but haven't done much for my boys.  I have been on the lookout for some cute boy knits though and have found a few!  This one I used to make a shirt for Camden using the LBB Hoodie Pattern.  I love how easy the pattern was and it went together so well!  By the way, if you are ever needing an inspiring story just read a bit of her blog... she is going through so much and maintains such a positive outlook.... seriously inspiring! The Cancer Chronicles on the left hand side will pull up all of her posts about her journey these past few months.
Anyways, I used orange and cream t-shirts out of our "rescued from goodwill" pile for the hood and the pocket.

 My knitting has been going great.  The first washcloth on the left had a few problems and is far from perfect but hey... it is just a rag after all!  The next two look great and I love them.  I am over halfway through my forth and learning a new technique.  I love knitting for being able to pick it up for a few minutes here and there.

Love these two!
 This isn't any new sewing but I wanted to get a photo of her in her ruffle pants with better lighting.  This is one of my favorite outfits on her!

 New shirt!  I used the Oliver+S Class picnic blouse pattern.  It is a quick sew and is very cute on.  I can't say enough about Oliver+S patterns.  The construction is amazing... hands down the best patterns out there!  I really should admit though that this should have been a lot faster... I sewed for 15 minutes one morning and UN-sewed for an HOUR!!!  Note to self: read the directions... even if you feel confident with the construction.  Oh well got that all done, she wore it to Wednesday night meeting and got home... I was hanging it up and I noticed two holes in it!!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!!  She was laying with Izzy on her mat and Izzy's teeth must have caught on the back!  SO... I spent another hour making flowers out of some knit that matched perfectly.  Luckily the front and back of the shirt don't have a huge difference so I was able to turn it around and salvage her brand new shirt that I just spent WAY too much time on!  Needless to say, I have used this pattern again since and whipped out a shirt (in knit no less) in an hour.  Fabric, by the way, is Amy Butler scraps that I had leftover from a bag I made a while ago!


Cassie said...

Love all of it! (The hours of "unsewing" are what make me not really like it all that much sometimes...)