Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few New Projects

I used the Silhouette again to make Camden a scooter shirt.  I knew as soon as I saw this stripe at Old Navy what I wanted to do.  The other fabrics were from old T-shirts.

Daddy finished Izzy's dog house and we got it moved around onto the porch.  She LOVES it!!

A few of the Angry Birds we made using this tutorial.

Our bunch.  We made twice this many and Mark and Kyla have a set.  They have been played with every day for hours on end.  They were worth all the time it took to make them.

Goofy puppy... as soon as anyone walks anywere close by her mat, she rolls over with hopes that she will get a tummy rub!
 Tiana didn't have a BSU sweatshirt that fit her and I had one in my closet that I wasn't wearing any more... so I cut it up and made it smaller!!!  I used this pattern which I LOVED!  So easy and fast!

It fits her great and she loves it.  She loves that it used to by Mommy's!

When Daddy was home this weekend they set up the Angry Birds and actually played a couple levels!